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Wat Benchambophit

Wat Benchambophit

Another temple of major tourist attraction is the Wat Benchamabophit temple that is located in the Dusit district in Bangkok and is also known as the Marble Temple. You will surely enjoy your time in this temple, however, unlike most of the temples in Thailand, this was one of the most recently made. This isn’t to say that it is not a delight to visit though.


We think this is one of the most exceptional temples in Bangkok. It is classified as a first class royal temple. During the end of the 19th century in 1899 to be precise the king at the time had a large complex of royal palaces and mansions to be built in the Dusit district, which eventually led to the construction of this temple by Prince Naris in 1911 as well as various other mansions and palaces that you can see dotted around this area. In 2005 this amazing temple was submitted to the UNESCO for consideration in planning it to be a future heritage site.


This temple is constructed entirely out of Italian marble, the pillars are of a Carrara type and are absolutely gorgeous in our opinion. It also possesses a marble courtyard and two large lions or as they are called in Taiwanese “Singhas” which guard the entrance to the temple. The interior of this marvellous temple is decorated in gold and lacquer which gives it a superb finish. You’ll also find that in this temple there are over 50 images of the Buddha which are located all around the assembly hall houses, you might also find a few others that have newly been put up. We know that you’re going to find this temple particularly interesting as much as we do, as it one of the later temples which can be considered having quite a modern touch to it.


The best way to get to this temple is by a taxi but make sure that the meter is one as you don’t want to be charged an outlandish price for getting to the temple. The temple itself is open on a daily basis from 8 am until 5:30 pm so you don’t have to wake up to early to get there in time to see its magnificence. Admission to this wondrous temple is only a measly 20 Baht so you’re not spending a fortune, unlike some other temples. As all temples in Thailand dress appropriately meaning you cover your arms and legs like any temple, you also need to be aware that this is one of the most important temples in the country.

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