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“This is a must see tour”, we had so much fun. Toby and Aya were great tour guides. They know a lot about the locations that they take you on. Very informative about the past and present times in the tours locations. I will defiantly do this again and will suggest to all of my friend that go to Bangkok for vacation to go on this tour. Love love loved this tour. What a fun filled evening. Thanks so much!!!!
 August 19 at 5:23pm near Kars, Kandahar, Afghanistan:
Visited August 2013 
Recently I went on one of your hangover tours and I would like to pass on a massive thank you to our tour guide Aya. Aya made the night a definite one to remember, her friendly personality and excellent people skills made the night a blast. I would recommend this tour to anyone I know going to Bangkok!!
Thank you so so much.
Cameron Wheeler ( (August 27 2013)
Just wanted to say again how much we enjoyed last night…best night out we’ve ever had! When we get back to England if theirs any websites or anything that I can write a review For you I would be more than happy to, just let me know.
Your an absolute legend dude…keep up the good work :p
Colin & Chris
Sent from my HTC  1st September 2013
Hi Aya
We sincerely appreciate the eye opening tour.
Aya’s total professionalism and friendliness made us feel relaxed during the tour.  She is one of the few tour guides that we have come across that made their jobs like a hobby.
We would like to write a great review for Hangover and we sure had hangover even this morning.
Dhon Mennen 5th September 2013 (read the full review on Trip Advisor)
awesome tour!!  Had a great time and Aya was an amazing hostess. 🙂
Sent from my mobile device.
 Penny Lewis ( 3rd November
I just wanted to follow up with my Hangover Tour on Saturday – Nee was terrific on Saturday night in taking me on our tour.  She made me feel very comfortable and safe and your solo tour allowed me to talk her one-on-one over the evening.  She is funny, articulate in English, and she gave me a lot of local insight into the whole Bangkok nightlife seen.  I hope she also felt comfortable with me as I know a private tour with a solo American could be daunting.
Nee is a terrific tour guide and I highly recommend her for future clients.  Perhaps next time I am in Bangkok, Nee can once again be my tour guide.
Thanks again for your great sight-seeing tours!
Ryan H 14th August 2014
Was a wonderful night with a wonderful tour guide. I really had fun and will absolutely will do this tour again for my next visit to Bangkok. Thanks Aya.
Osamah Mustafa  3/12/2014 11:1:56
Just done the tour! Absulutely amazing. Will recommend this tour to anyone, and everyone. Went to several places we would not even have found by ourselves, but so well organised and done with reassurance that we always felt comfortable!
Mark Stocks 13/1/2015 17:49:2
thanks for the photos….the tour was a great experience…what fun!  Aya was a teriffic guide….Paul McClellan
Paul McCleelan 28/1/2015 

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17 thoughts on “Tour Reviews

  1. we did the tour last week and it was a blast! special thanks to our guide Aya who really looked after us I will be telling all our friends in holland about this tour! many thanks

  2. After having some not so good experiences before and coming to Bangkok with a group of first time visitors we decided to take the tour and it was one of the best decisions we made, Toby, Aya and Nee really made this an experience to remember and i never felt safer on a visit to the various area’s . great job guys and if we come again we will do this the same way

    Clem, Philippines

  3. It was AWESOME! Thanks a lot guys. And This is a review from the 8 of us. Every single one of us thought this was the greatest night in Bangkok ever. Not only we enjoyed best of shows but also felt on ease carefree and enjoyed to max. Definitely recommend and definitely great value (in case you are thinking about it).

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  5. We really enjoyed the Hangover Tour and felt safe and well looked after , had awesome time seeing the nightlife in Bangkok , highly recommend for people who visit Bangkok to do this tour.

  6. If you truly want to experience everything that Bangkok has to offer book BH for 2 nights! Why 2 nights? Well, take the classic tour the first night and see the city and get to know it and the second night just go wild and have them take you to the hottest parties in town! 6 stars out of 5 for them!

  7. We fully enjoyed seeing a side of Bangkok we probably wouldn’t have done on our own. Aya was a great guide and a lot of fun!!

  8. Hi,
    Thanks for your patience answering all my curious questions…I hope did not bore you to death…
    I had a special experience that night.
    Hope you provide other tours too and I hope to join the next time I visit Bkk.

    Wei Ling

  9. Name * Shylea Ulrick

    Date you took your tour Saturday, February 28, 2015
    Your Message
    What a fantastic tour and a great way to experience the Thai bars. Our tour guide, Aya, was wonderful and we felt comfortable at the places that she took us to. Our eyes were wide open at some of the shows we saw – it was spectacular. I highly recommend doing this Tour if you are in Bangkok… Fabulous…

  10. Thank you so much. We had a great time on the tour. Definitely an interesting night. Aya is a thorough professional.

    Thank you so much.


  11. Name * Paul Curtis
    Email *
    Date you took your tour Wednesday, April 29, 2015
    Your Message
    Thanks Aya so much!! We had such a great time and your such a great guide!

  12. Dear Hangover Tour

    I would like to highlight the professionalism of Aya. We enjoyed each bit of the tour thank you very much.


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