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Top 5 Hotels in The Capital

Top 5 Hotels in The Capital

In this article, we shall be discussing the top 5 luxury hotels that you can find throughout the beauty that is Bangkok. These hotels are known throughout the world as they have had such a lasting impact on the people that have visited here that all you ever hear are great things. So here are my top 5 luxury hotels in the capital of Thailand, Bangkok.


One, if not the most famous hotel companies in the world. The Shangri-La hotel in Bangkok is by far the most luxurious and the best in terms of convenience near the centre of Bangkok. The location of this hotel gives you easy access to the shopping, business and sightseeing districts thanks to the trains near. It’s also 35 minutes away from the airport via car making it perfect for travel to and from the airport. You can also expect stunning views of the river both from the rooms and the pool making it a perfect hotel for you and your company.

The Peninsula

If you’re looking to be pampered like royalty to no end then the 37 storey peninsula hotel is for you as nothing that goes on into this hotel is unnoticed. Every request made will be fulfilled instantly, this means that you will never have to ask a second time as there is no room for unhappiness in this stunning hotel. With five restaurants present in one hotel you can tell the attention to detail and want their guests to enjoy every moment is of the utmost importance to them. You’ll find no other place on the planet where the service is this exceptional.

The Okura Prestige

This tall and spotlessly clean building will amaze you with its exterior at first. Then you get to see the interior and become absolutely flabbergasted by its beauty. This hotel is best described as modern and efficient, as it makes sure that your every whim is catered too in a setting fitting of its amazing location. On the 25th floor is where you will find everything that you could want at a hotel that makes Bangkok seem small in stature.

Iebua at State Tower

You’ll never forget the breath-taking experience here at the Iebua. Photo opportunities here are the best in any hotel as you are within 5 minutes from the Chao Phraya River and the business district which makes it easy to travel to anywhere. You’re pretty much in the centre of everything that most tourists love so get yourself in here so you can get out there even faster! The facilities here are also some of the best that you could wish from a hotel.

Dusit Thani Bangkok

This hotel has over 500 rooms each with their own traditional Thai twist to them although they still have modern amenities which come together perfectly. The view from this hotel is also spectacular as you can see most of Bangkok from the top rooms. You’ll also find that this hotel gives complimentary internet to every room as well as wifi in public areas.

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