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Take a Boat Cruise Around Bangkok

Take a Boat Cruise Around Bangkok

Bangkok can offer you many amazing sights, people, music, food and much more. But one thing we think is absolutely exceptional is the ability to see many of the best sights in Bangkok from a river cruise with a date or partner. The best thing about river cruises in Bangkok is that they are all relatively cheap and will always give you enough time to have dinner and enjoy a bottle of wine. So here are my top 5 thrilling Bangkok boat cruises.

Apsara Dinner Cruise by Banyan Tree

At the Apsara dinner cruise, you can be expected to dine on a gorgeous traditional Thai vessel known as the Apsara. You will have a 2-hour journey to which you will navigate past the gleaming Temple of Dawn, the Grand Palace and finally the temple of Wat Arun. You can be assured that this is a truly romantic and glamorous experience that you will truly adore in every single way. You’ll find that the four courses of delicious 5 start Thai cuisine are to die for and that the complimentary welcome drink is quite wonderful as well.

Loy Nava Dinner Cruises

Here you will cruise on an original and antique rice barge. The Loy Nava have been cruising the waters through Bangkok since 1970 and their dinner cruise is tranquil and truly remarkable, which really does offer you a truly traditional evening setting. You will be entertained by traditional musicians and classical dancers as you slowly pass down the historic and ancient sites of Bangkok. As you might be able to suffice this is a truly extraordinary cruise that is perfect for just the two of you.

Oriental Escapes Dinner Cruises

Similar to the last two cruises mentioned you’re going to slowly sale down the river Chao Phraya and discover the beauty of the ancient Taiwanese people. As you dine in luxurious surroundings aboard one of the nine different cruise ships that are on offer you will be amazed by their beauty for sure. The dining options range within these cruises because there are different menus available, however, most have their emphasis on seafood. Which is unsurprising really.

Anantara Cruises

This cruise is quite different from the others mentioned previously as you can spend up to 3 days on this huge luxury rice barge. Stay for 3 days of absolute bliss as you travel around Bangkok and visit such iconic landmarks such as the Royal Barges Boat House and the ruins of Ayutthaya. You’ll feel like you’re floating on your own palace as you take enjoyment in the exceptional suite that you’re provided with here. You will discover that this boat has a full bar and a fine range of menus from breakfast, lunch, dinner and afternoon tea.

Chao Phraya Princess Cruise

Another wonderful cruise that is going to excite you as soon as you step on board. You can expect to have a perfect Thai banquet as well as international cuisines included. Prepare yourself to be accompanied by an assortment of jazz and pop bands as you slowly descend down the gorgeous river that is the Chao Phraya.

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