In search of the White Lion

white lion

So many people on the Hangover tour want to know about the White Lion Bar  featured in the film.  They wonder is this a real bar that they can visit on the tour.

The truth is the White Lion Bar was a mock up for the movie created on Soi 7/1 Sukhumvit.   The bar was not actually a real bar at all but just a temporary  facade built on the side of a then empty wall,  now a hotel.  Sadly there is nothing remaining.

Was there ever a bar called the White Lion?   The first real go go bar catering to ex-pats was  called the GOLD LABEL and was located on what is now know as Soi Cowboy although in those days (back in the early 1970’s) it was know as Soi Gold Label.   The movie makers may have had this bar in mind when creating the White Lion since Gold Label is now the name of a popular brand of whiskey.

Going back even further to the 1960’s if you went to Pat Pong , the then main nightlife area of Bangkok, the girls were not located  inside the bars but were outside on the street. Customers would have call the girls to come into the bars to have a drink with them.  Some old hands may remember these days and how different Bangkok was as a city back then.

In the movie the  White Lion  is the scene of riot in which the bar and a large part of the street is burnt down as you can see from the pictures below.

The filming of this scene took quite some time but in the final cut the whole thing was edited out and is seen only briefly in flash backs.

As you can see from the pictures  the bar was completely destroyed so no While Lion remains.

Aussies will be happy to know right next door is a famous Australian Pub called the Down Under Bar.  The owners told me they watched the filming with great interest, and got to see all the actors from the movie.

While shooting the riot scene a girl took off her underwear and threw them into the crowd which the bar owner managed to catch!

The knickers have been kept as a proud souvenir of the filming of the Hangover2 movie in Bangkok.

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