New Tour | The Worlds End Bangkok

The worlds end tour!

One  night in Bangkok 12 Bars!

Can you go the distance?

We are launching a new tour this month on Christmas Day.

The tour will be a gogo bar and live show marathon involving 12 of the best bars in Bangkok.

Baccara Girls are some of the Hottest in Bangkok

Baccara Girls are some of the Hottest in Bangkok

This tour will only run for one or two nights a month so join up as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

This will be a great night.

For December 25th we have one 14 seat Vehicle and 8 places already booked so hurry if you want to join this months tour.

The tour price is 2,999 THB and includes

FREE entry to Fetish Club with Drink  (Value 1,000 THB)

FREE entry to Exotic show with Drink (value 350 THB)

FREE shot of Yah-dong  (you cannot put a value on it!)

FREE… Best night of your life ….Priceless!

Participants must purchase their own drinks at each venue.   3 of the 12 venues drinks are included! (see above)

You can book the tour online  Fill out the booking  form Here!


We will take you to 12 of the Best Bars in Bangkok.  All of them crammed with hot girls!  This is a night you wont forget….or remember!

We start at Soi Cowboy Tilac bar  first and obvious stop, where the movie hangover 2 was filmed.

Tilac Bar Soi Cowboy - Legend Hangover2 filmed at this bar

Tilac Bar Soi Cowboy – Legend Hangover2 filmed at this bar

Bar No.2  Possibly  the hottest gogo bar in the whole of Thailand – the Infamous glass ceiling Baccara -NO UNDERWARE anywhere Bar!… Sit downstairs and get a sore neck or go upstairs for a topless extravaganza.

Bar No.3 wild card   A shot of Yah–Dong (local Thai herbal liquor) we stop at a small street vendor. This will definitely loosen the joints and get you supple and nimble  in preparation for the next stop….

Bar No.4  LADY BOYS!!!!  Get lots of embarrassing photos . Have a great time at this fun bar.

Next up live shows;   2 more  legendary bars,  Spanky, and  Angel Witch By this stage at least one person should be ready for participation in a live show! Or perhaps a cool down in  a shower show!

6 down, 6 to go and we now move on to the next area Pat Pong…

Bar No.7  The world famous Pink Panther,

Pink Panther Girls...still hot 30 years on!

Pink Panther Girls…still hot 30 years on!

here you can watch two girls literally beat the crap out of each other in a Thai boxing ring set up in the bar..! All done in the best possible taste.

…down the hatch and on to Bar No. 8…  Electric Blue.  This bar has been around since the 1980’s and never goes out of style. a coyote girl jamboree!  With some of the hottest girls in Bangkok.

Bar No.9  Bada Bing  with a name like that is has to be good and it is!

Bar No.10 Exotic Live shows….involving table tennis bats, cigarettes and Bananas…we leave it to your imagination.

Badabing girls more attitude than Mike Tyson! you need beer googles for this bar!

Badabing girls more attitude than Mike Tyson! you need beer gogles for this bar!

Bar No. 11 Fetish club Fantasy!  Marvel at … or participate in what has to be the craziest club in Bangkok.

Bar No. 12.  If you make it this far there is only one place left.  A tiny bar at the highest point in Pat pong,  called Heaven. No one knows where it is (accept us!) but its crammed with  hot girls and a great time!

HOT new bar on the tour

A new bar which seems to be making waves these days is Billboard.

The bar has some provocative live shows later on in the night.

The hangover tour has now added the Billboard to our list of HOT BARS for the tour.

As always customers who book the tour will get 3 free drinks and 20% vip discount on all drinks thereafter.

So go on…Cross it off your bucket list!