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Best bars in Bangkok Nov – Dec 2015

Best GO GO Bars in Bangkok


Top of the list has to be the new supersized Bunnies in Nana plaza, which is now massive having taken over Spellbound and Voodoo bar.  Despite the size the bar seems to always be busy and, most importantly for us, has atmosphere.  This is definitely one of the most popular  gogo bars in Bangkok right now.

On the downside quality control is a bit suspect, I don’t want  to use the term;  ‘minging,’ but let’s just say a few tug boats got dragged in with the big haul.

Bunnies probably supporting more kids than Dr Bernardo's

Bunnies – probably supporting more kids than Dr Bernardo’s

 Crazy House (Soi Cowboy)

This bar is much smaller in size than Bunnies but is big on atmosphere with lots of topless (hot) girls on view the bar is usually always packed.  The girls are sexy and fun. There is an upstairs area and they now put on shows after 9pm.  This is great place to visit and a hot favourite on the Hangover Tour.

The downside is the bar is usually always crammed so it’s difficult to get a good seat and the serving staff are a bit pushy, the girls are all business but this is one of the most crazy gogo bars in Bangkok and worth the visit.

It should be call the 'Titty Twister'

Crazy house – quiet on the outside lively and sexy on the inside

Pink Panther (Patpong)

Patpong 2 gears up later than Soi Cowboy or Nana Plaza so don’t go early if you are looking for atmosphere. This bar has a live boxing show at 11pm which gives it an extra pull and is often packed at that time. The bar also has a lot of  sexy ‘coyote girls’.  The decor is weird and not very relaxing, with a ceiling painting of space that looks like it was done by a 14 year old.  Other than that the place is a Bangkok Legend and  has been going since the 1970’s so it worth a visit for the history (the mamasan has been around since the 1980’s) and the boxing show which is unique in Bangkok.

The Pink - hot girls AND a boxing show

The Pink – hot girls AND a boxing show

Why take a Hangover tour?

The hangover tour visits these bars and more and is popular with couples, singles  and groups on Bachelor and Stag nights.

People like the tour because:

Its cheap just $50 and this includes free drinks and transport!

Guaranteed entry  This is especially important if you are a group of guys on a bachelor  or stag night.  Bars will often block entry to groups of guys of certain nationalities or if you are drunk because they are worried some members of the group will hassel the girls and not buy drinks.  This never happens with us because WE pay the bill, the bars know this and so will ALWAYS take care of our groups.

Its hassle free   No dud bars, rip off bars, scammers, pesterers or touts. This alone can save you the cost of the tour.  When they see us coming with our Licensed Thai tour guides they know there is no chance of cheating you so they back away. We have connections with the security at each area to avoid any problems.

It’s safe  Yes it’s safe because we can put you on our tour operator insurance to give you extra peace of mind.  Every member of our staff will be looking out for you to make sure you are kept safe and get back to your hotel, hopefully worse for ware but thankfully in one piece!

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Great for Bachelor nights

Great for Bachelor nights

Not just fun for guys!

Too late to think about insurance?

Too late to think about insurance?

Stags Away!

Despite the talked about slowdown in tourism in Thailand Bangkok still seems to be a popular destination for the Bachelor Nights.

Latest Bachelor Night pics

Perhaps is was the Hangover 2 movie which ‘juiced’ up Bangkok’s reputation as a top destination for groomsmen, or perhaps it is the lingering legend, born in the 1970’s, of the infamous ‘one night in Bangkok’.

the best bachelor night in Bangkok

One night in Bangkok running out of steam? Naaaa!

The so called ‘One night in Bangkok’ was a night you could only half remember the next day but the fragments would stay with you and would pull you back again and again. A fitting venue then for a man’s last night of freedom?

New players to the bachelor night scene are offering more and more high class services to prospective ‘knot tiers’ with Vegas style party busses, shooting and extreme sports, party boats, private clubs, penthouse suites and lots more. The Lebua State Tower hotel, with its famous Sky Bar, even has a Hangover Suite designed especially for bachelor nights (they even have stills from the movie on the wall).

hangover suite at the lebua state tower

Yes there is a Hangover Suite at the Lebua State tower and its popular with Bachelor groups

We welcome the changes  and potential boost to tourism and hope the trend continues this year. The Bangkok Hangover provides the best value bachelor night in Bangkok with prices starting at just $50 per person including all private transport, guides and extra freebies, including mike Tyson face tattoos, T-shirts, ‘Ya-dong’ shots for the brave (think sake and tiger balm mixed together) and we throw in some deep fried scorpions for the groom to munch on!  Check out the Reviews

the famous bangkok hangover mike tyson face tattoo free!

Face tattoos FREE! are you up for the night of your life?

Bangkok Party? Hangover Tour still No. 1

2015 has started off on a high note for the Hangover tour.  We have lots of bookings for Bachelor parties this year and believe we offer the best value for groups looking for a bachelor night party in Bangkok.

Bangkok Hangover has also linked up with Off Limits UK and Travel agents in Australia, the US and Hong Kong to offer great fun tours to more people in Bangkok this year.

Our motto is simple;  we offer our customers the best value nightlife tour in Bangkok, whether its a Stag or Bucks night, VIP tour, Bachelor Party, Hens Night or just a classic nightlife tour for the curious. We have the most experience and the best service and price around.


We will also be starting a new, and very unique nightlife tour in Cambodia this year. This will be very different from the Bangkok hangover, for example we visit a small bar in Phnom Penh where some French guys make their own flavoured brandy. A few glasses and you will forget your own name!    Our guide there Sok survived the Khmer Rouge, knows all the best places, and can definitely go the distance.  This will be another amazing tour you won’t want to miss out on.

 Hangover Hotties in 2014

Our nightlife tour is popular with girls and couples and this year we have had our share ‘beautiful people’ on the tour, we show but a few.  To see more…take the tour!


New Venues in 2015

We find a lot of bachelor groups and couples want to enjoy a nice dinner as part of their nightlife experience and we have some great new places to offer our groups in 2015.  We also have some amazing hotel venues for the ultimate Bangkok experience.. Contact us for some fantastic deals on the coolest bachelor night hotels in Bangkok.

We also introducing our new day tour this month The Hangover Cure.  Its a one off amazing day out in Bangkok which includes a private boat down the river, lunch at one of the best venues in town, the real temple massage. Optional extras will include China Town, Bamboo temple tattoos, shooting and more… Its all coming soon.


The New Hangover T-shirts are on their way

check out our new T-shirts.  We change the design every year so your t-shirt will always be unique.

bangkok hangover tour t-shirt

New Hangover T-shirts coming soon



As always on the Hangover tour we have a great selection of FREEBIES
FREE Face tattoos
FREE T-shirt for Larger Groups
FREE drinks
FREE Beer Mats
FREE Peanuts….(ok only kidding there are no free peanuts!)

To find out more about the Hangover Tour visit our main site Bangkok Hangover Tour and for a VIP tour visit Bangkok xx

We are looking forward to a great year for Thailand and a great year for Bangkok Hangover Tour we hope you will join us.