latest hangover tour pictures

Another busy week for Hangover tours and the pics show with all the lads glued to the football its the ladies turn to get out and have some fun.

Rain definitely did not stop these party goers.


Half price Bangkok night tour

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Sexy Selfies?

hot thai girl selfie

Narcissistic, sad, or just plain fun, everyone has an opinion on  the Selfie?

How did we end up with this global phenomenon term? Well the first known written use of the term ‘selfie’ was in 2002 by a guy called Nathan Hope in a forum post,  and you guessed it…..He is an Australian – or should I say ‘Aussie’

So the country which brought us the ‘barbie’, the ‘billy’, the ‘dunny’, the ‘middy’, the ‘nuddy’, the ‘pozzy’, and the ‘tinny’ also gave us the ‘SELFIE’….Who would have guessed it? 🙂 Interestingly the term is also used by some to mean masterbation.

On the subject of terminology we note the welcome inclusion into the urban dictionary of the term “Fuck off O’clock” which means: the end of the work day on Friday when an employee is most desperate to go home.

“Is it fuckoff o’clock yet?!?”

In Bangkok on a friday night? head down to Soi Cowboy as some the bars offer free food (roast pig) if you buy a drink. This is a really good deal since you can eat as much as you want.  If you walk  from Sukhumvit soi 23 half way down on the left hand side, you will see what is left of the pig.

Bars open at 7pm. Or better still check out the best of Bangkok nightlife on a Bangkok Hangover Tour