Thailand still has the hottest women in the world.

Things are picking up again in Bangkok…  teflon Thailand seems to be bouncing back with more tourists arriving every day. We hope the trend continues and the tourist industry gets a welcome lift.

These days Tourists LOVE Thailand  and Bangkok has always been a 1-3 day springboard to other destinations, such as the beaches and islands of the south or the mountains of the north.

For over 40 years Bangkok has been one of the worlds most famous stop-overs and One Night In Bangkok (the title of a song by Murray Head) has now entered the Urban Dictionary.

What makes a great nightlife?

Well lets face it…beautiful people help.   Thailand has always had a high percentage of beautiful people, especially in Bangkok.

Obviously there will be people who disagree, but there are apparently 7 countries which have the highest density of gorgeous females:   

Top of the list as you would expect is the Ukraine, which for some reason seems to have stunning girls everywhere you look.


Spoilt for choice?      Beautiful girls litter the Ukraine.

Spoilt for choice? Beautiful girls litter the place in the Ukraine. Take plenty of neck rub…


Next up at no.2 is Colombia and again for some reason Colombia does seem to have a high percentage of hotties….


Colombia girls, Sexy, Voluptuous and everywhere!

Colombia girls, Sexy, Voluptuous and everywhere!



Then of course its Thailand at  No.3 in the world for having the highest density of absolutely knock out women…. Visit any of the upmarket malls  in Bangkok and you will see them EVERYWHERE!

  Thailand..Top in the world for hot girls?  We think so.

The list is rounded off by Argentina, Sweden (of course!)  with the wild card as Lebanon?  Yes.. apparently the Lebanon has a high percentage stunning women and I didn’t know that either…

Lebanon girls...hotter than mustard but you probably wouldn't want to mess them around....

Lebanon girls…hotter than mustard but you wouldn’t want to mess them around….

You dont need to be a rocket scientist to work out where there are lots of hot females there is going to be some good nightlife and all the countries mentioned have some of the best in the world….


 What about Cities with the hottest girls?

Cities with the highest percentage of hot women include:  Bangkok,  Manila (Philippines) Medellin (colombia ) and Riga (latvia).


Manila… a mecca for PLAYERS

Up and coming nightlife cities: 

‘Off the beaten track’ great nightlife cities include: Ulaan Baatar (Mongolia)  Phnom Penh (Cambodia)  and Reykjavik (Iceland)

  Monglia…vodka is in their blood!


iceland girls


Iceland:  If you get lucky you might see a couple of Eskimos!