Bangkok Snake dancer

The real snake dancer show has returned to Bangkok at The Strip Bar on Patpong 2.    Apparently they will run the show every Friday night and it appears to be a popular affair.

Anyone who books the Hangover Tour will of course be able to visit the bar and see the show, as long as it’s on a friday night.

The Show lasts just a few minutes and is repeated on the hour.

The good news is the show is FREE – there is no cover charge to go in and with beers at just 130 THB this bar does seem very reasonable.  Other show bars like London calling charge 180 THB for a beer.

The strip is a small and friendly bar with maybe 30 girls located at the Silom end of Patong 2

Shows start at 10pm but they do offer a free drink before 9pm.

See you there on Friday!


Searching for the elusive free Beer

There are plenty of half price and two for one deals in Bangkok but not often you come across a real free drink.

Well one bar seems to be offering just that this week.  The Strip Bar on Patpong soi 2.  The bar is located around 20 yards from the Silom end of Patpong 2.

It’s a small rather run down but friendly little bar, anyway they seem to be offering a free beer to anyone who drops by before 9pm thursday, friday and Saturday.  So I guess they figure most people will stay for two or three,  BUT you could just go and have one beer and leave and that would be a genuine FREE BEER.

Sounds like a good deal…..

free beer in Bangkok