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Our Do’s and Don’ts for Budget Backpacking around Bangkok

Our Do’s and Don’ts for Budget Backpacking around Bangkok

Finding a high-quality holiday on a budget can be difficult. Tourists hotspots like Los Angeles and Dubai do not come cheap, until now. The amazing country of Thailand is definitely somewhere where you can create memories that last a lifetime with going into bankruptcy. Bangkok is famed for being a city where your precious pennies go further. Read our ultimate guide to Budgeting in Bangkok to gain the necessary tips and tricks that you will need during your stay.

Like with every budget there are do’s and don’ts. You want to make the most out of your baht and that means avoiding the local’s tricks to take your money from you. You always need to be aware of a scam but if you follow this simple list you should have no problem holidaying in Bangkok without breaking the bank. Don’t worry they are very simple

Do: Eat Streat Food and Use the Food Courts

It may seem common sense, but eating street food is much cheaper than visiting a fancy restaurant. Part of the draw of Bangkok is experiencing something new and eating the wide range of scorpions and other treats by the roadside is definitely that. This may not be everyone idea of a good meal but once you try wok-fried noodles or one of the traditional soups you will have a brand new outlook on the cuisine. Usually, a street market will ask for around 50 baht a meal which converts to as little as £1.14

Do: Learn the Art of Negotiation

Unlike in the UK, the price you see on the product is not the final price you have to pay as bargaining and negotiating with the market stall owner can lead to great deals. In touristy areas like Khao San Road and Silom, the first place really isn’t the price you are going to pay and if you can learn a few techniques to drive the price down before you visit, you may just be on to a winner.

Do: Visit During the Low Season

Just like any holiday destination, hotel prices fluctuate throughout the year based on the seasons. What is great about Bangkok’s low season is that it coincides with the summer holidays. From May to September you can book a hotel room somethings at half the price of peak seasons which is incredible. Many people are still put off by these incredible deals because the season is considered the rainy season, however, this simply means you may encounter a few showers of rain and not the constant downpour which people expect.

Don’t: Take the Parked Taxi From Outside your Hotel

Sadly this is something that has plagued Bangkok’s hotels for a few years now. Once you leave your hotel, you will be greeted by a number of taxis waiting outside. Of course, these taxi drivers are overly friendly and offer you a fixed rate to wherever you need to go. Beware this fixed rate is more expensive than the usual cost for transport around Bangkok and will cost nearly a third extra. So if you are on a budget you should consider public transport or metered taxis.

Don’t: Buy A Single Drink when Partying

Unlike how you might just buy one drink at a time in your local club, in Bangkok this will end up costing you a lot more. From local bars to high-end nightclubs, if you are in a group or on your own, you want to put your funds together to buy a tower of drinks or just a full bottle from the bar. This is so cost effective you wouldn’t even believe. All you need to do now is practice dancing with a couple of drinks in your hand.

Don’t: Exchange your Currency in a Hotel or Bank

If you have run out of baht and have a little money stashed away for a rainy day, do not convert it in banks or hotels as you are going to be ripped off. Instead, head to Super Rich Internation Exchange which is the most famous money exchange company in Bangkok known for having the best rates. With several branches across Bangkok, you are never too far away, however you must remember to take your passport with you.

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