Siagon 75

For anyone who is old enough to have been alive in 1975 growing up in the 1970’s was an era of blissful ignorance,   we didn’t know what aids was, or what political correctness was, there were no jihadis to worry about back then, milk was still delivered to your door in a glass bottle, Beer was 20p a pint.
Bic launched the first ever disposable razor and Microsoft registered its name.

It was a long hot summer and life seemed good… unless of course, you happened to be in Saigon.

That was the year of the fall of Saigon, or the liberation of Saigon, depending on your point of view but for a lot of people, it didn’t look good.   The image of people escaping from the roof of the US embassy in helicopters brought home the desperation of people trying to get out.


Now you can relive the whole gut wrenching experience with all the stress and anxiety of the infamous ’75 airlift in Saigon.

All you have to do is book a flight on Air Asia!  You’ll be glad you got out…If you make it out 🙂

Elsewhere the British Press came up with a classic one liner this week:
‘Kim’s gone ballistic again!’ (referring to Kim John Un letting off another missile)
Only the British press could take something terrifying and turn into a good laugh.

Another story that caught my eye was that scientists have discovered that people who swear a lot are F*****g brilliant!
This is based on a study by the University of Rochester and published in the journal  Personality and Individual Differences.  Apparently intelligent people are more likely to swear a lot and walk around naked at home.  I F*****g knew it!

Here in Bangkok, the mood has been somber with torrential rain daily. That is normal for this time of year but with floods in China, a typhoon in Hong Kong and the worst flooding for a life time in Texas it does seem like the world is falling apart.

Helo Helo, Patpong 2  becomes Petit France.  There is some talk that new French owners will take over the long established Strip Bar on Patpong 2.   If this is true then it means that all bars on Patpong 2 except Electric Blue will be French owned ( Pink Panther, Glamour, Bada Bing, The strip).   Patpong 1 remains firmly in the grip of the King’s group with the Handfull of other independent bars struggling to get by.

Making a comeback.
Its nice to see 80’s star Rick Astley making a comeback and looking good at 51.

It seems the last ground floor bar remaining on Patong one left side is Kiss Bar, they seem to have quite a few girls and a tempting draft beer special at 80 THB.  The owner told me the draft beer sells well so maybe that helps.   Good to see it’s still going strong and making a Rick Astley come back when nearly all the Bars now on that side of Patpong 1 have closed down.

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Cover band play off on Patpong


This should be an interested event on Patpong on 27th of May.

Two of Bangkok’s most famous cover Bands The Sticky Fingers (covering the Rolling Stones) and Bangkok Beatles go head to head in a fun live music event at the Black Pagoda.

Joe Delaney of RhuBard & Custard is organizing the event and his last event on Patpong ‘The Gong of the Pong’ was a huge success.

If you are in the area this event will definitely be worth checking out.

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