Bangkok Stag Night

bangkok stag night

Is Bangkok one of the best places in the world to have a stag/bachelor party?

The simple answer is yes, but Las Vegas still tops the list as the most popular place in the world for a Bachelor Party.
Probably because its the most popular place for people to get married, with around 350 tieing the knot in Vegas every day!

The movie Hangover2 did a lot to boost the popularity of Bangkok and Thailand as a hot destination for a stag night/bachelor parties.


So What makes a great Stag Night/Bachelor Party?

Well Alcohol used to be enough for people to have a good time, but then we developed and it became Alcohol and strippers!  Now its a lot, lot more…
People want a Penthouse suite with private pool party, they want strech limos, VIP action and of course, strippers and party cats.

Action and adventure are now  also important ingredients on the ultimate stag night , so the night has elongated into adventure weekends involving, shooting, paintballing, hang gliding, sky diving and much more.

Of course being in a place where there is lots of entertainment and especially lots of hot girls, does help. In this department Bangkok is a winner with 3 nightlife areas and 100’s of bars and clubs to choose from with some of the hottest looking girls in the world.

bangkok stag night

The Suite Life! Your own private swimming pool….OH Yeah!

How to make it a great night?

Firstly people should be in the mood to have a good time.   If members of the group are tired or not feeling well, abort and do it on another night. We find the best nights are had by people who are really in the mood to go out and have a good time.

Don’t go too hard too early and eat BEFORE you load up on booze.  A good meal will allow you to drink all night and stay standing.  Skipping dinner and loading up fast and early  could mean you crash and burn on curb before the party really gets going.  It happens to one person on every stag night.

We have found on the Hangover Tour that its important to keep the group moving. Staying at one venue for too long can get boring,  so moving people to different types of places keeps it interesting. We visit regular  bars, sky bars, bars which have live shows as well as Fetish clubs, night clubs, private clubs and bars with thai boxing. As the night wears on it should get better and better so we make the venues more risque as the night progresses.

Getting the groom to appear in a live show at one or two of the bars is definitely a big hit, watching girls boxing is popular, the fetish club and private members clubs are also popular venues on the Bangkok Stag night.

As people get more drunk the idea of taking pictures seems a waste of time but these will give you lots of entertainment in the following days and can even be used at the wedding!  Having someone take pictures during the night is a great idea.

Most of the bars in Bangkok will prohibit photo taking  apart from the Bangkok Hangover tour, which is allowed to take pictures in some of the bars.

Don't miss the important moments....get plenty of pictures

Don’t miss the important moments….get plenty of pictures

For customers who have big budget some of the VIP member clubs in Bangkok offer a fantastic night. The average spend at these places can be around $200 to $300 per person, but can go higher for VIP rooms and buying drinks for lots of girls. These venues are popular with our customers from Asia who are familiar with these type of venues and are not put off by the pricing.

private clubs ideal for  stag nights in bangkok

Private clubs offer some great options for stag nights in Bangkok

Whats on that list?

Most stag nights have the checklist. Here are some of the things we normally get requested:

1. Sign a girls chest
2. Drink a beer out of a shoe
3. Get a picture with a ladyboy
4. Tequila body shots with a hot girl
5. Get a girl to spank you
6. Get a kiss from a cougar (lady over 45)
7. Get a girl to take off her knickers and wear them on your head
8. Dance with two girls at the same time
9. Get a kiss necklace from ugly girl
10. Get a mike tyson face tattoo (free on the hangover tour)

Fancy Dress:

A lot of guys like to go for some crazy outfits for their Stag Do, Perhaps the craziest of all is the Borat Mankini.  Fortunately not many are game enough to go for this option. Personalized T-shirts seem to be the most popular choice these days.

bangkok stag night man kini

Please no Mankinis!

The Stretch Limo:

Stretch limos are great for stag and hen nights. Whilst these are available in Bangkok its not as easy as  renting a limo in London or Vegas;  Firstly the car needs to know the exact route it needs to take because the stretch limo simply cannot get round the corners on some of the smaller roads in Bangkok.  Secondly, they are expensive in Bangkok at  almost $2,000 for 5 hours.

With a luxury mini van running at around $200 its easy to see why most people take the minivan option. It’s a  shame because the limo adds a touch of real class and style to a big night.

bangkok stag night strech limo

You need to be a high roller to go for the stretch limo in Bangkok

Best stag night ever?

Bangkok has a lot offer for a great stag night because you can pack so much into the one night;  Gogo Bars, Ladyboys, live shows, Thai boxing, Massage, Fetish fun, Vip clubs and late night clubs, Bangkok has it all!

To find out more about the Ultimate stag night in Bangkok, check out the Bangkok Hangover tour which has stag night packages starting at just $49 per person.

more information

Scenes from some of the best Stag Nights, bachelor parties and bucks nights in Bangkok.



5 thoughts on “Bangkok Stag Night

  1. Pingback: The Ultimate stag night | Bangkok Hangover Tour

  2. I’ve had a wonderful time on my stag night and been coming here since then. Now, whenever I come to Bangkok (about 3 times yearly) I make absolutely sure I eat a good dinner before going out to the clubs. I also have some water in between drinks just to give my body time to “wake up” a bit and this works well as I can drink more this way. The longer I can stay sober the more fun I usually have.

  3. I guess Las Vegas might be awesome but in my book, Bangkok is even more “awesomer”! A night here, with the right people and knowing where to go to, can’t be described in mere words! It’s my second time coming here after going with a good friend of mine who also got married 2 years ago.

    • Bangkok hangover Tour is great for stag night as they take care of transport, bar bills etc. if you go it alone watch out bars don’t pad your bill as they often do with a large bunch of guys getting drunk. Top gogo bars for stag nights are Crazy house, Billboard, kiss Patpong. Best club Insanity – book vip.

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