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3 Common Scams To Avoid

3 Common Scams To Avoid

If we are being honest, Bangkok is a great city which is blessed to have a high level of safety compared to other cities in the world. However, just like anywhere on the planet, sadly there are people looking to make a quick quid via scamming tourists. What makes these scams which take hundreds of tbh off people even more annoying is how obvious the warning signals were. All you need to do is stay alert and give a simple ‘No, thank you’ to avoid these classic scam stories

The Tuk Tuk Scam

When you leave your hotel, shopping mall or other tourist destination, you will find a number of Tuk Tuks which will ask for a ludicrous fare even for a short distance journey. A driver may also ask you to help him get free gasoline by going into a shop for a couple of minutes, you don’t even have to buy anything. Usually, in these shops, you end up spending even more money as you feel pressured to buy something.

To avoid this scam, it is as simple as declining the drivers of the Tuk Tuk who are parked near the mall or your hotel.

The Klong Scam

Despite not being as popular as in the past, the Klong scam still catches people out. You will be approached by a friendly Thai man who notices you look lost. He will ask you where you are from and mention football which usually helps become friendly with the guy he’s trying to scam. He speaks English and is friendly so you drop your guard. He offers you a ride on his friend’s boat at a low price which you accept. The tour/ride is real so you may as well enjoy it as sometimes the boat will even stop at a bar where you will be bought a drink. Towards the end of the ride, the boat will stop a few hundred metres away from the pier and you will be asked for an additional 1000 baht which of course you are going to have to pay.

To avoid this scam you need to use your common sense and think about why a stranger is approaching you. Simply smile and decline and if you want to take a boat tour, visit the pier and speak with the guys who run the official rides.

The Grand Palace is Closed Today Scam

One of the most common scams still tricks hundreds of tourists today. If you are walking around near the Grand Palace, a friendly stranger will inform you that The Grand Palace is shut today and that he will take you on a tour of the other temples for a small fee of around 40 baht. Of course, you accept the friendly strangers offer where you will be taken on a journey. Firstly you will be taken to the Tourism Authority of Thailand where you can take advantage of the great travel deals. Apparently, the deals end today despite the fact there are no deals on. You will then be taken to a jewel store. Some of the stones will be real, however, you are scammed into paying over the odds.

To avoid this scam you should consider it a little suspicious that someone is just there to guide you around Temples the day The Grand Palace is closed. These scam artists tend to have a map and umbrella to protect them from the heat. Decline their offer and you have avoided the scam.

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