This could be a great party in Bangkok

The owners of the Black Pagoda have decided to throw a really big bash in early Feb to celebrate the coming of the Chinese new year.

Now I have seen the guest list and it reads like a who’s who of Bangkok nightlife. Writers, artists and other ‘well known’ people will be joining the shindig.

Now normally mere mortals like you or I probably wouldn’t get a look in at such an event but I have checked and the Facebook event page and guess what? anyone can join in.  No Entrance free, no closed door PLUS it looks like some free booze at midnight and a free gift bag.

Balloon chasers alert!

It would be worth to go  just to see bangkok legend Dean Barrett  who will also be there. This guy was doing spy shit in the vietnam war and he’s still going and still got an eye for the ladies. Legend!

The event is billed as Future is History and that is a reference to the Terry Gillingham film Twelve monkeys.  Ok so the plot of that movie was some crazies (brad pitt)  try to wipe out global population with a deadly virus and some bloke (bruce willis)  comes back from the future to try and stop them.  Sound like a party?   Yeah why not!  as long as tits and free booze are about it’ got to be worth a look in 🙂

Seriously might be quite good.



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