How get loaded for FREE this new year

So New year is upon us again and with it the crazy prices for any kind of new year celebration.  The full Monty dinner and drinks at one of the top venues in Bangkok, like the Sky Bar at lebua state tower is going to set you back a fortune.  Infact the  drinks only ticket is 10,000 THB with the dinner upto 30,000 THB per person!

Now if that is a little out of your budget there are a couple of places offering some truly unbelievable deals.

Equality Nightclub on Sukhumvit Soi 4, next to Nana Hotel is offering FREE entry and FREE drinks!  What! I hear you say,  who could possibly be offering free drinks on new year’s eve?  Well  I have checked and yes they are!
Doors open at 11pm and its free drinks till 2am when the it’s a normal bar.  Apparently they run this free event every thursday since opening about a month ago and it’s obviously gaining in popularity.  Clearly such a fantastic deal cannot last and so it would make sense to enjoy while you can!


Another club offering a FREE drink is  Black Pagoda on Patpong 2.  This is an upstairs nightclub located on a sky bridge between the sides of the street.  Outside the big foodland supermarket, look up and you will see the Black Pagoda girls dancing inside a massive glass box.  This bar is offering a free glass of bubbly (champagne?) for Christmas and new year, its also open from 7pm so one could have a drink  there to warm up the evening. They also have a lot of hot girls in attendance.


Hangover tour does not run on new year’s eve because we cannot guarantee efficient transport but we will be about supporting people right to party!


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