Hottest bars in Pattaya right now.

 Our Top 3 bars in Pattaya right now.

Queen club (on LK metro)

queens club pattaya This bar gets going later on but has some very sexy dancers and good music. A large runway type stage and a very big bar make creating an atmosphere difficult but Queens manages it.  There are a lot of girls and live shows later in the evening. This bar also has some areas which are great for a private group such as a bachelor night and is one of our top picks in Pattaya.

Baccara Bar (walking street)

baccara pattaya Baccara bar, a long time favorite, always seems busy. The live shows and high energy vibe make this one of the best go go bars in Pattaya to stop for a drink.  (live shows after 9.30 pm).

The Windmill (soi diamond – off walking street)

windmill 1 Dubbed the ‘naughtiest’ bar in Pattaya the Windmill is on our list.  Its brash and crazy and crude but the bar has atmosphere and because its unique and popular we rank it as one of the best go go bars in Pattaya. You can visit all these bars and many more in comfort and safety on a Pattaya Hangover tour.

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