Cheapest places to drink in Bangkok

How to get  trashed for less…

Love a bargain?  Our quick guide to some of the cheapest places to drink in Bangkok’s nightlife areas.

Soi Cowboy 

Top of the list of cheap drink venues has to be the Shark Bar on Soi Cowboy with a very tempting 70 THB till 8 pm covering all standard drinks and local beers but not, as the sign points out, Corona and Lady drinks. The Shark has the added advantage of a handy ‘Ya Dong’ stall outside the bar which serves local moonshine at just 20 THB a shot!  Shots are FREE on the Hangover Tour

Staying on Soi Cowboy in the middle of the soi is the new Lighthouse (formerly Sheba’s) which goes one better holding the same 70 THB happy on till 9pm!

The Lighthouse – making sure you get dashed on the rocks – this bar has the added advantage of looking out over the legendary Cowboy 2 bar which, as you can see below, has more than a few thirsty single mums on standby…

cheapest places to drink in bangkok

Sukhumvit soi 11

A couple of hundred yards down soi 11 (Sukhumvit) on the left hand side is a  small soi where you will find the legendary Cheap Charlies.  The bar has been around since the early 1980’s and has grown over the years as has its popularity. Its now (thanks to the Herald Tribune)  right on the tourist map, along with the Sky bar at the Lebua State Tower.  Do the locals still go to CC’s?  Probably some pre clubbers, its always crowded these days and still has some quirky rules which include no working girls and no kissing at the bar?  Mon dieu!   At 80 THB a drink it is certainly not the cheapest place to drink anymore.

Cheap Charlies is more popular than ever but not as cheap as it used to be.  Check out the impromptu Break Dancing which takes place most nights outside the bar for the pleasure (and tips!) of the crowd.

Soi Nana

The beer bars opposite the Nana hotel have long been a favorite cheap place to drink but prices have been creeping up recently with the 60 THB happy hour beer now giving way to a more substantial  80 and 90 THB.  Stumble Inn does still have a 3 litre tower of local beer for just 500 THB which does work out cheap if you have a big group or are on a suicidal bender.


The best deal on Patpong is Electric Blue, which still has a draft beer at just 45 THB!  Can that be right?  yes because its Chang draft and its a glass (smallish) but amazingly the price is good all night, so this does make electric blue certainly the cheapest go go bar to get a drink at in Bangkok.


Will going cheap help you to bag a hottie? Probably not but stayed tuned for our next post on where are the hottest girls in Bangkok.

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