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What Are Ping Pong Shows?

What Are Ping Pong Shows?

Last year in Thailand, I finally experienced the full Thai nightlife. Don’t get me wrong it is a little crazy but WOW what an experience. During that week I visited my first Go Go Bar, which I will be discussing in a future blog so look out for that. I also visited my first Ping Pong show and well, I can definitely say I won’t forget that night.  To spare you all from a long definition of what a Ping Pong show is, in short, its a form of entertainment that usually occurs in strip clubs. The shows tend to be Thai girls showing off their skills by holding or blowing objects out of their vaginas. I know what you are thinking, but yeah that is exactly what they are. Ping Pong balls have become iconic with the shows but as the events have gone on more and more crazy shows have been created with audacious tricks becoming very audience interactive.

I know this may sound a little strange but I felt this show was something I had to see for myself to get the full Thai experience. With this being the case, in my opinion, you go hard or you go home and that is why I had to visit the most popular Ping Pong show to see the best of the best do their thing. I travelled to Patpong Market in Silom where I had to go through the red light district. It’s a weird place as you hear a lot of wolf whistles from locals trying to get you into the hundreds of bars that range from nightclubs to LGBT. As I ignored the wolf whistles I heard a few shouts of ‘you want ping pong” so I went over to the older looking man. I was charged around 100 THB which I found out, later on, was about the going rate for a Ping Pong show.

Despite hearing stories of exactly what happens during a Ping Pong show, I was still surprised by the variety of the acts I saw. The performances were wild, to say the least, and when I saw the dart show, I must admit, I was a little more than just impressed. It quite mad how one day your sat at home watching TV and then the next your actually watching people in the audience hold up balloons whilst a tiny Thai lady fires flying darts at some speed from her privates hitting every balloon. Honestly, as a girl, I just don’t know how she managed it.

I didn’t see it on the night but I ended up speaking to a lovely couple who had holidayed in Thailand a few times. They told me that some ladies at Ping Pong shows now perform ribbons shows which were described to me as being an X rated version of a magician pulling a handkerchief for their sleeve. Looking back on it now, I am glad I didn’t see that myself as I’d had enough excitement for one day if I had seen that show as well.

Sadly though when speaking to my new Ping Pong show friends they told me about the numerous scams that surround the shows such as the exit scam.  I feel like I couldn’t write this article without warning you guys about the potential risks that come with going to these shows. So the exit scam consists of the clubs owner and workers getting very aggressive with you. This will stem from them wanting you to either tip the girls or pay for each show you seen on the night. The idea is for them to take as much money from you as possible and this will even go to the extent where they will want you to pay in British Sterling as the currency is worth more than THB.

So I did a little bit of research and this is how you can avoid this scam

  • Take a stand. Be bold and express to the aggressors that you know the scam and are not willing to pay the extra money that they are asking for.
  • Pay the owner an entry fee and put a tab behind the bar
  • I’d recommend goingto a ping pong show in a big group. This makes it harder for them to force an aggressive aprproach onto you.
  • You could try to get a written agreement about how much everything is going to cost before entering the bar

I hope this article has helped to answer exactly what a Ping Pong show is. From my personal perspective they are something everyone should go to if they are in Thailand.

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