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You Will Never Guess What Taxi Drivers Have Been Doing in Bangkok

You Will Never Guess What Taxi Drivers Have Been Doing in Bangkok

Taxi drivers in Bangkok have been refusing to accept passengers due to their requested destination being of inconvenience. A problem which has been ongoing for a number of years, which myself experienced during my travels, is that simply taxi drivers cannot be bothered to travel around the cities busier areas. People often ask me about why so many people use Tuk Tuks in Bangkok and well here is the answers,

For those however who are travelling to Bangkok, good news! Recently a campaign has been launched promoting a go anywhere taxi service (something which you would have been thought was a given in this day and age.) The campaign, in my honest opinion, has not caught the imagination and I’d say that only a few people are optimistic it will work.

If truth be told, however, travelling around cities like Hong Kong and Seoul, this problem also exists there, so it is not solely an issue with Bangkok. The difference is that passengers are more open to air their grievances and that is why the government has had to act.

So Why Are Taxi Drivers in Bangkok Refusing Passengers?

For those of our readers who haven’t been to Bangkok, you won’t have an idea of how bad the traffic can get, especially around the tourist destinations. Most taxi drivers in Bangkok will refuse to accept passengers if they have heard over the radio that a certain area in Bangkok is ‘bumper to bumper traffic’

The reason for this is all based on money which is understandable. The majority of Bangkok’s cabbies lease their vehicles, so timings are crucial to ensure they are not wasting time in traffic and losing potential custom. Its a time game in Bangkok for cab drivers which is why being stuck in traffic and missing a meeting can result in a significant loss of income.

Obviously, locals and holidaymakers are not going to be happy when they are refused a ride, but getting angry with someone who is realistically maintaining a living is something which in my eyes is a waste of energy when Tuk Tuks are always an alternative.

The Go Anywhere Campaign

Now Bangkok authorities and the association of taxi drivers are making another stand. The idea is based around a proposed sticker on the window of the vehicle enabling locals to know that they are not going to get refused a journey. The theory is then, if the journey encounters traffic, the meter records a change in fare so the cabby is paid accordingly.

The real questions are, will the campaign stand the test of time? Will the baulking cabbies be enticed by a slight better payment? And will passengers be happy to pay a little extra whilst Tuk Tuks are an option? Only time will tell if theĀ ‘go anywhere’ scheme is going to become a big hit or another campaign which hasn’t solved Bangkok’s taxi problems.

One thing is for sure, don’t let taxis be a reason to stop you coming to this beautiful city.

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