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The Etiquette of Tipping

The Etiquette of Tipping

In the United Kingdom, tipping is completely up to the individual whereas in other countries such as the United States tipping is commonplace and expected. When visiting Thailand you should know that tipping is not customary and there is no requirement for anyone to tip. Thailand is one of the only countries where tourists can visit and never see a service provider have their hands out waiting for a tip. It really is quite refreshing.

One of the main reasons why Thai service providers such as taxi drivers don’t expect a tip is because rates tend to include an additional fee already. When you ride in a taxi, if the fare comes to 47 baht the charge is normally rounded up to 50 baht. Most hotels and restaurants that you visit will include a 10% service charge which is added to the bill. These tips tend to be shared among staff at the end of the month.

Why Tipping Is Always Good

Tipping in hotels is again not expected but always appreciated. The tip can be as small as you like but it is a good show of gratitude to leave a tip for your porter and cleaners. Spas and massage parlours tend to receive bigger tips for their service, whilst in small local eating spots where the additional 10% service charge hasn’t been added it is customary to leave a few loose coins

Just something to consider when you are in Thailand and have recieved good customer service is that the majority of the workers in the hospitality sector in Thailand are paid very little. A tip of 50 thb which converts to £1.14 may be a very small amount for you, but for a local could really help them out. Of course, if you are not happy with the service you receive, you are free not to tip at all.

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