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Thailand – The Progressive Capital of Asia

Thailand – The Progressive Capital of Asia

The general consensus across the Western world is that our neighbours in the East are conservative, narrowminded and heavily influenced by religious beliefs. In reality, there are many cities across the continent that are leading the way for progressive thinking and challenging attitudes; one of those places is Bangkok.

If you’re familiar with the social norms of Thailand’s capital then you’ll know that the city is a flurry of different cultures, races and sexual orientations. Changes in attitudes began as far back as 1970, where LGBT issues began to be put forward to parliament and anti-discrimination laws covering sexual orientation and gender identity were passed. Transgender politician Tanwarin Sukkhapisit was the first TS to be elected to the Thai parliament, ushering a new age of complete social acceptance.

Why Does Thailand Have Such A High Density Of Transexuals?

This is a frequently asked question by travellers who visit Bangkok for the first time and are taken aback by the sheer number openly gay and transexuals. The answer is not that there is something in the water but rather a social acceptance that allows people to be exactly who they want to be. Despite our misguided sense of social acceptance in the western world, members of the LGBT community actually feel as oppressed as ever and although it seems that legislation and government policies are moving in the right direction, there are still plenty who hold on to those traditional Christian values.

Bangkok has also become one of the staple stops of ‘the gay tour of the world’. Queer tourism has seen a massive boom in the past ten years as members of the LGBT community are looking for specific travel destinations where peoples personal choices are not restricted by social opinions of law. The city has so much for gay people; a thriving nightlife, boutique shopping centres and interesting markets. Combine this with the number of luxury spas and hotels the city has to offer and you have a gay paradise. One of the most unmissable parts of the Bangkok gay scene is the popular Go-go bars that a visual demonstration of Bangkok’s ever-changing and open-minded nature.

All Are Welcome In Asia’s Capital Of Progression

Whatever the reason for your visit to Asia, you simply have to include Bangkok on your destination list. All are welcome, whether you’re part of the LGBT community or not, there really is something for everyone

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