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Planning Your Perfect Honeymoon

Planning Your Perfect Honeymoon

If you’re planning a honeymoon then Bangkok is one of the best places you could go for one! Below we’re going to tell you all about the experiences you could have on your honeymoon in this brilliant city. You will surely be thrilled with choosing Bangkok as your honeymoon location as there is a lot to be enjoyed in this city as well as a lot of time for you both.

When is the best time to visit Bangkok?

First off you’ve got to think about the weather because Bangkok can be in the transition of monsoons nearly all year round. However, the best time to visit this amazing city is during the months from December through to February as the monsoon season has pretty much dissipated and it’s also not too hot which is always great. Within these months as well you’ll find that everywhere is open which makes it a perfect time within the year for a romantic cruise or even visiting the many wonderful temples that are dotted around Bangkok. If you are thinking about visiting Bangkok within a different season then let us put some statistics below that might deter you.

Summer – March to June – The temperature during this period can be staggeringly hot ranging from 25C to 34C making it one of the hottest places that we Europeans would surely be unable to abide.

Monsoon Period – July to October – During this period within Bangkok you can expect it to never stop raining. Although the rain may cool down the heat by a little bit it will still be quite hot with temperatures ranging from 25C to 33C and the rain also makes Bangkok an extremely humid place as well during these months.

Winter – December to February – During this season Bangkok is at its mildest temperatures of about a minimum of 23C which makes it the perfect time to explore Bangkok as most of the places are teeming with tourists and locals wanting to sell you just about anything that they can!

What can you get up to during your Honeymoon?

There is an abundance of great places that you can visit within Bangkok which are considered marvels. Places like the many great Temples which would definitely be a good start, then you also have the romantic river cruises that you can share with your partner. Some of the river cruises can last a few days so you can sit back relax and enjoy the splendiferous views of Bangkok’s landmarks and more. You’ll also find that there are restaurants across Bangkok teeming with brilliant foods that you must try as a meal in Bangkok is unlike anything else that you could possibly ever experience within the boundaries of Europe.

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