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How Cheap is Thailand

How Cheap is Thailand

Year on year more people decided to leave everything behind and move across the world to start afresh. Often countries such as Australia, England and the US are considered the best places to start your new life but in reality, Thailand is an option many overlooks. I find it strange that so many people seem to believe that Thailand is an expensive place to visit. That is why in my latest blog I am going to outline that the cost of living is in fact 36% less than it is in the UK. Another bonus of moving to Thailand is that rent is a huge 49.67% less than it is in the UK and this is certainly something you can not turn your nose up at.

So lets put it to the test. Here is a breakdown of how much it would cost to stay in Thailand for a week compared to the UK

Accommodation For One Person (Per Week)Cost in THBCost in GBP
Small Guesthouse (Traditional Thai accommodation/cheapest)1050£23.84
3* Hotel Room (average price)5600£127.15
5* Hotel Room21000£476.93
Groceries ShoppingCost in THBCost in GBP
Meal at an inexpensive Restaurant60£1.36
3 Course meal at a mid-range restaurant350£8.23
Local Beers (0.5 litres)60£1.36
Imported Beer (0.33 litre)100£2.27
Bread from the market38.79£0.88
Milk from the market51.37£1.17
Pack of cigarettes from the market120£2.73
Potatoes (1 kg) from the market47£1.10
Water (1.5 litre) from the market16.21£0.37
Chicken (1kg) from the market94.76£2.16
Eggs (12 pack) from the market52.39£1.19
Transport CostsCost in TBHCost in GBP
Local Transport (one way)25£0.37
Monthly pass for public transport1000£22.75
Taxi Price Tariff35£0.80
Fuel (1 litre)28.05£0.64

As you can see from these results living and travelling around Thailand is very cheap. This is something that really attracts backpackers like myself, to journey around amazing places like Bangkok. So what’s stopping you from visiting Thailand today because it’s certainly not money.


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