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Finally! Bangkok Clamps Down on SideWalk Riders

Finally! Bangkok Clamps Down on SideWalk Riders

If you have ever been to Thailand, the roads can be chaos and that is why in my last article, I discussed the topic of taxi’s and the new campaign which has been put in place to counter taxi drivers refusing rides, which you can check out here

Well recently, the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration known as the BMA have set up just over 100 checkpoints across the roads of Bangkok where Thesakit law enforcement officers are now on duty ready to fine on the spot people who drive or park their vehicles on public footpaths during the busy rush hour times.

Last Friday, Bangkok governor Aswin Kwanwuang said that if you were found to commit this offence that you would be punishable of a fine worth Bt5000 which is just over £110 back home. The clampdown is now refereed within the Maintenance of Cleanliness and Orderliness Act 1992 which follows up from the announcement which was made last year that anyone reporting the violation would receive half of the money from the fine – not too shabby.

How Does It Work

Aswin also went on to say that the 115 checkpoints where the officers are stationed, had been selected based on where the most complaints had been received. If you are found to be violating the act then you will be made to pay the fine there and then. The officers will then give you a paid fine receipt which he will report to the central office at the end of every day. The system is still be assessed which means more changes could be made where necessary.

In the future, there are bound to be more signs and officers lining the streets of Bangkok’s busy roads to combat the issue. To do your part you can report violations to the BMA via the email [email protected] or call (02)4656644.

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