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About Us

Welcome to Bangkok Hangover

The information that you will discover on our Bangkok travel guide is the effects of a group of students, backpackers and holidaymakers who have travelled around Thailand wanting to share our experiences. We wanted our blog to be more than just one person’s input, but a collection of tips and tricks, recommendations and information about the city we love so much. We want Bangkok Hangover to become the perfect hub where people come to plan their holiday to Thailand.

It’s 2018 and we want you to stop wasting your time and money, being sold fake holiday dreams by travel agents looking to make commission. Bangkok Hangover was started by the idea of providing information based on first-hand experiences and that is why we stand by our advice. From the best restaurants to visit to budget backpacking guides, we have all been taken on a personal journey whilst in Bangkok and have fallen in love with the place and now its time to give back and help you have the same sort of experiences.

Bangkok Hangover: What To Expect

Discovering yourself surrounded by the beauty of nature is not for everyone and we understand that for some, a holiday to Ibiza or Magaluf may be more appealing. We are not here to preach to our readers and force a Bangkok getaway upon you. Every single blog you read on our website is real information, written based on our journeys, designed to help people who are planning to visit Bangkok or are considering the expedition. So here is just a little more about what to expect from our website.

The Best Tips and Tricks For Travelling Around Bangkok

Bangkok is such a crazy place to visit. One moment you can be laying on a white sandy beach looking out upon the sunset and the next moment you could be surrounded by thousands of locals and tourists partying the night away. Luckily for you, we offer great tips and tricks to help you avoid the hype and find the best deals to enhance your experience. Our tips include the places to eat, amazing sky bars to visit and how to avoid common scams.

The Rankings

Every tourist is a novice when travelling around Bangkok because so much is going on. You can visit the capital a few times like myself and still feel like you haven’t explored everything on offer. Our rankings section is based on our collective thoughts to put together a selection of THE best places restaurants, bars, tours etc. in Bangkok.

If you have any topics you would like us to cover, then you can always contact us with your suggestions. Continue reading our blog, as we update it weekly with new articles designed with our readers in mind.